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Are you looking for answers, or trying to figure out the 'perfect' way to be, to finally create the life you've been waiting for? 

Welcome to an unschooling adventure for the wonderful weirdos we are: 

Energy Savant School

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A savant traditionally refers to someone who has a disability and an extraordinary ability and talent at the same time. 


What have you decided is your disability, your limitation, that is actually a gift and part of the brilliance of you?


What if there’s nothing actually wrong with you (ie - you’re NOT an idiot)?



What if you don’t have to “fix” yourself in order to create the life you want?



What if you’re FULL of abilities and capacities? (think Wonder Woman x Spiderman x Wolverine x ?) 


What if the things you perceive as difficulties are actually talents in disguise?

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Let’s talk about energy…

Energy Savant School is my new monthly membership that is actually a creation in unschooling yourself on everything you thought you knew about energy, life, and creating the reality you desire.

Are you ready for a truth bomb?

It takes a fuck-ton of energy to decide you don’t “get” energy.

I spent my whole life thinking I had to seek answers, find the right path, and learn the language of energy. 

When I realized I already knew how to speak the language, my life turned on its head…in the best way possible. 

Contrary to many of the stereotypes you’ve seen around energy workers, you don’t have to burn sage, see auras, or have studied with a ‘master’ to get energy.

Energy Savant School invites you to recall, and know again, the first language you ever spoke: energy. 

What is it you've been pretending to forget that you know deeper than anything else?

Energy is not woo-woo. 

Energy is practical. 

It’s the future of health, wealth, and creating a life you love. 

The Membership

Energy Savant School (ESS) is unlike any membership or program I have created before - it will be the main way to work with me in 2022 & 2023, and will be a continually evolving, ever-changing collective available on your phone, anywhere and anytime.

What’s included in the subscription: 

The ESS WhatsApp group 

  • Alerts to Weekly audio recordings, daily questions, clearing loops and more that will be found in your member's library
  • Weekly office hours - submit questions for facilitation once per week from me, via audio recording!
  • Links and updates in real time so that you never miss a Zoom session or announcement 

ESS Kajabi App

  • Receive all of your call recordings, audio loops, PDFs and more from the ease of an app on your phone
  • A monthly Zoom video call with Emily (your idiot energetic concierge for this wild ride) 
  • ’Symphony Group Tasters’ (one of those undefinable energetic sessions ;) that may just create some magic when you’re not looking!) 

Bonus Library - get access to my best content from previous programs!

  • Truly living as Ease, Joy and Glory Zoom Replay
  • Gratitude Immersion Exercise - Audio Download
  • Ease, allowance, and family matters Zoom Replay
  • Navigating the holiday season - Zoom Replay
  • Energy Ball Exercise - Audio Download
  • Clearing loops - ‘You Are the Gift’ and ‘Everything is the Opposite of What it Appears to Be!' 

Meet Emily... 

Where I started

I used to think I was an IDIOT when it came to energy. 

I thought everyone else ‘got’ it, and I didn’t have a clue. 

I always found the most wonderful body workers, doctors, and teachers who had a gift in what they did, that of course, I thought I did not have. 

It turns out that most of us that ‘think’ we don’t get energy actually get it so dynamically that it freaks us out (or freaked someone else out), so we try to avoid it and hide our awareness of energy even from ourselves. 

Once I was willing to step into the awareness of my own capacities as a creator, my whole life changed.

How I got here 

I went from being a stay-at-home Mom who knew she wanted a career change, but no plan on how to do it, to creating a life and business that made my dreams a reality.

I had a team of 10+ people, a thriving “work from anywhere” business, and the flexible life I’d always dreamed of.

Then, I decided to shut it all down and start over…

Where I am today

Energy Savant School was born out of a desire to completely rethink how I create and what I can offer the world.

I desired to create the most potent but accessible membership possible, to empower people at every stage of their journey, from total newbie to seasoned consciousness adventurer. 

This is a totally new way of creating and contributing. 

Is there something here for you?

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What makes Energy Savant School different?

Energy Savant School is not about beating yourself up or being in judgment of you until you finally ‘get it’ or become perfect enough - surprise! (this is NOT your traditional personal development). 

ESS will not be about being the most optimized, perfect version of yourself.

In fact, ESS could involve the least amount of work you’ve ever put into changing your life.What if you could relax and allow the beauty and miracles to show themselves to you rather than having to chase them down non-stop?

What do you know that no one else knows?
What are you aware of that you can create?




Let's take a look at what's coming up

What you you like to create?
(asking questions that can change everything)


Sometimes, we get so caught up on the “how” of actualizing our asks, that we completely shut off possibilities for things to show up in ways we never expected. What if I told you that you can change absolutely anything about your life?

Questions are the most powerful weapons in our arsenal because they invite possibilities that our logical, rational brains haven’t considered before now. By applying questions to the aspects of your life that you’re wanting to change, you can begin to invite in possibilities for something greater, and choose the reality you want to be living in!

Join me for this month’s call on 13 September at 1:30pm EST, I can’t wait to explore this topic with you!

Here's What Others Are Saying...


"I am so grateful that I found Emily, she is an enormous gift and blessing from the universe. Sessions with Emily are truly dreamy. She delivers potent transformation in a way that is incredibly nourishing and…fun!"


"The ease I have in asking the universe for things, and receiving them has been magical. The stuff that is showing up in my life keeps  me in constant state of gratitude. I'm so grateful for it all, and for Emily being the invitation to a different possibility. Thank you."

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This is my most accessible membership ever so far, for a reason:

I would like the energetic pragmatics of creating a phenomenal life to be as accessible as possible to everyone in the world.

What savant capacity do you have to create a life you love and greater than you could imagine?

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