Flirtatiousness with life. Playfulness. Enthusiasm. Desire. Potency. Pleasure. Charm. Joy. Wit. Outrageousness…

Are there any energies you have been avoiding being or having in your life?

What have you presumed you are, and presumed you are not, or presumed you must not be?

What if you gave yourself the freedom to be all of you?

Unabashedly, hungrily, wildly YOU?

If you are willing to be it, you can receive it.

How many more beautiful and phenomenal things are you capable of and what can you uniquely receive?

Join Emily for this short class where we will energy shop for what taps you into your deepest desires, your power, your potency, your confidence, and the space where when you ask, there is no doubt you will receive.


What People Are Saying

Norma F.

Thank you !!!!!!!!
So many changes during the call, people connecting me for creations, people joining things I am facilitating, wow, love the Energy Shopping and the Pleasure omg can't wait to put the call on a loop!
Thank you thank you thank you Emily what a contribuition✨✨🤩😘

This is a 2.5 hour replay of the online event.



(country pricing is available) 


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