ENERGY SHOPPING with Emily Evans Russell
Create the life you desire using the magic you already have.




with Emily Evans Russell


Create the life you desire using the magic you already have. 


What is Energy Shopping?

Energy Shopping is the process of creating a life you love, simply by noticing things in the people and world around you and saying “That! I’ll have that too! I’ll have that energy, and I’ll have it in whatever way works for me.” 

It is about collaborating with the universe and allowing everything you are asking for to show up with ease. The universe is waiting to gift you all that you are asking for…

Yes really! 

Have you ever gone shopping to add different flavors and ingredients to make a favorite recipe? Well energy shopping is similar! Energies are like different flavors you can add to your life to make it more wonderful, rich, and abundant. The more you ask to add new energies to your life, the greater your life becomes. Imagine being so excited to wake up in the morning because you can’t wait to create another awesome day? THAT! 

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is simple. That doesn’t mean there isn’t work required, but the work is joyful! Some may even call it PLAY. 

Why take a class with me?

Instead of answering your question, I’m going to tell you why I’d like to work with YOU.

I know what it’s like to feel like you would like to live life differently to what you’ve always been told is “right”.

I know what it’s like to walk away from the safe path, and leap into the unknown.

I know what it’s like to make risky choices that don’t make sense on paper, and trust that the Universe is going to catch you.

Before I started using the tools of Energy Shopping, I was a burned out ex-teacher, unhappily married and ready for a career change - with zero idea of how I was going to pull it off.

Now, I have a six figure business with a growing team, I’m happily divorced and I ride this crazy life rollercoaster with more ease than I could have imagined possible.

My target is to empower you with the tools and process of Energy Shopping to transform your own life, and find the beauty and ease of creation with it like I have.

What does an energy shopping class look like?

Energy Shopping classes can vary in length and format but all will outline the process of energy shopping, from getting clear on your asks to actualizing them! 

You’ll explore how to apply the tools of energy shopping to every aspect of your life, including:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Your Body and Health

Relearn to speak the language of energy (did you know it’s actually your first language that you spoke as a baby?), and start asking the questions that are key to creating the change you’ve been seeking in your life. 

These are the same tools I use everyday to course correct my life when I’m in the trenches of difficult situations and also the same tools I use to continue to expand my life and have every day be greater than the last. 

Would you like to explore together? 

The adventure includes:
  • The simple yet potent tools of Energy Shopping
  • The art of asking questions 
  • How to receive what you’ve been asking for
  • The magic of gratitude
  • How to blast through roadblocks when they show up
  • Energy Shopping applied to areas of your life (money, love, body, and more!) 


See what else is possible…

Suzette H.

Thank you Emily for your invitation that is brilliant, beautiful and beyond the magnificent, the magic, and so much more... with heaping gratitude that’s the ease for all willing to choose!

Maryam K.

It’s such a magical experience to witness your creations. I can perceive the energy and I'm like yes that and more. 

Dana T.

This is my first live class with Emily and I was blown away. The peace and spaciousness really

Corina D. 

Thank you, Emily! A whole new space reveals … wasn't even aware that I am so often present in this energy shopping energy, just not making the next step to the demand it. I'm so so grateful!

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